If you're looking for the highest quality aerial cinematography and photography but don't have the budget to rent an Arri Alexa or a Red system, the X5R RAW provides gorgeous and robust 14-bit DNG files ready for color correction for any ambitious project. With a second remote for a director to control the camera, this system can be a dual-operator experience for creative freedom and added safety. The on-board recorder simultaneously records the RAW DNG files to a SSD card as well as a 4k .MOV proxy file that doubles as a back-up and offline. This straight-to-post system is super fast to set up and offers stunning cinematic negatives.



- PHANTOM 4 - 4K -

The Phantom 4 is the perfect solution for a production on a budget looking for stunning aerial cinematography and photography. It provides 4k .MOV files that work seamlessly with your post production workflow. With a smaller footprint and collision avoidance systems, this platform performs well in smaller environments as well.